Thursday, August 13, 2009

AQ Classifieds = Quick Results

Did you know that AQS members are entitled to one free classified ad (up to 30 words) per year, a $24.00 value? Starting with the November 2009 issue of American Quilter, the classified ads will be accessible on our Web site, Read this "testimonial" on the effectiveness of AQ classifieds:

"I'd contacted you earlier regarding a pattern called Chrysalis: Log Cabin Variation III by Maria McCormick-Snyder. So many people have been so helpful in this quest of mine, but all leads ran into a dead end except one. I decided to put an ad in American Quilter magazine, and it was published in the September 2009 issue. The magazine arrived on a Saturday, and I got a call on Monday night from a lady in Illinois. She is 87, bought the pattern in 1980 at the AQS show in Paducah where the quilt was on display, with the author of the pattern and maker of the quilt, Maria McCormick-Synder. I asked her if she had made it and she said no, so it is original and hand signed. I got so excited I almost couldn't sleep that night. She sent it along to me with the request if I ever get it made, she would like a photo.

Just letting you know how effective your advertising can be. I was quite sure someone, somewhere had this pattern but didn't expect such a prompt reply to my ad."

Ann Simpson


  1. Ann, I am looking for the pattern- if you are finished- woudl you sell or loan it to me? KB

  2. I too am looking for this pattern. Would love to buy from someone who has this.
    Neline VanDyke 907-235-0199 Alaska