Monday, June 1, 2009

Don't forget a label!

Labels preserve the identity of a project so future generations will know more about the quilt and the maker. Labels could be important should the quilt be lost or stolen. Here are a few tips for making labels:

1. Sew quilt labels onto your quilt backing before the quilt is quilted. That way it is incorporated in the quilting and cannot be removed later. Also consider signing your name and date on the front or incorporating your signature into the quilting.

2. For hand-inked labels, be sure to use a pen that is meant for writing on fabric (many permanent markers are not).

3. Using horizontally-striped fabric for labels will help keep your lettering straight.

4. Depending on how much space you have, include the name of the maker, quilt name, completion date, city and state, intended recipient, special occasion, and care instructions. The label shown was made for a new baby and was printed on printer-ready inkjet photo fabric. (Look for the wonderful quilt pattern that goes along with this label in the January 2010 issue of American Quilter magazine!)
Submitted by Kathy Niemann, technical editor for American Quilter magazine

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