Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Online now: American Quilter Magazine 2010 Index

Want to locate a specific article or pattern you've seen in a recent American Quilter magazine? We've made it easy for you by posting a complete listing of every article and project published since 2001 in our online index. Go to www.AmericanQuilter.com and you'll find the indexes by year in the drop-down menu under the American Quilter tab on the home page.
Each index is divided into two sections: the pattern and project index, and articles by subject. The pattern/project listing specifies the type of technique along with the quilting skill level required. Projects are also categorized by the primary technique. (To see thumbnail photos of all projects published after 2006, look in the January issue of the following year. For example, photos of the 2007 patterns are in the January 2008 issue.) 
Within the subject index, you can find specific articles by topic, author, featured quilter, or quilt name, depending on the article content.

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