Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A new quilting superstition?

(Submitted by American Quilter magazine contributing editor, Barbara Polston, from Phoenix, Arizona)
When I turned my master bedroom into a quilt studio, my quilting friends were all anxious to see the new workspace. My friend, Anita, gifted me with this small cut glass jar, decorated with tiny flowers and ribbons.

Inside the jar are sealed nine pins, nine needles, and nine nails. It’s a legend in Great Britain that sealing such a jar into new construction keeps evil fairies at bay. Anita suggested that keeping this jar in my studio would keep evil quilt fairies away. I’m pleased to report that it’s working! I don’t know if this is because evil quilt fairies, who surely cause major mistakes and problems, truly exist, or because I believe they must. I’ve started recommending this to friends who report the same result. Has a new quilter’s superstition been born? Perhaps!

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  1. I had never heard of this so asked the ladies on the British Quilt and Textile History list. They never heard of it either but one did an internet search and came up with this yucky piece in the New Scientist magazine