Friday, July 10, 2009

Perfect Mitered Binding Corners

My name is Iris Frank, and I’m a contributing editor for American Quilter magazine. I recently discovered a nifty tool that really stands out among the hundreds of gadgets designed specifically for quilters. The mitered corners of bindings are always a challenge. While the more common continuous-binding folded method works fairly well, how about a little tool that gives you absolutely perfect sewn-miter corners on your binding every single time? The Binding Thingy will get you those results. And the technique is not difficult to learn!
Debbie Manlove says when she took a sewing class in high school, she learned to miter corners using this method, and years ago she decided it would be lot easier if she had a little tool to help her. Conveniently, her son was a sheet metal worker so she told him what she wanted and he made her one. When her quilting cohorts saw it, they each wanted one. Soon after, as requests for the tools increased, Debbie decided she couldn't keep asking her son to make them, so she perfected the item for market and located a manufacturer…and the orders mushroomed! The acrylic Binding Thingy is available from a number of retailers including Keepsake Quilting (, item #8258) and Clotilde (, item # 413700). Debbie even has a how-to video posted on YouTube ( which explains her nifty little gizmo. Debbie explains, "With a longarm, you just have to take it off and do the corners on a domestic machine." She proudly adds, "And it's completely American made!"
If you are interested a great way to improve the corners of your bindings, the Binding Thingy is worth considering!
(Submitted by Iris Frank, AQ Contributing Editor)

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