Thursday, May 14, 2009

Calling all Arizona quilters

Arizona is a large state, covering 114,006 square miles, the sixth largest in the United States. We’re a pretty independent bunch, the last territory to become a state in the lower 48.

Arizona will celebrate its statehood centennial on February 14, 2012. Although this sounds like the distant future, quilt projects take time, so it’s not too early to plan. Quilters from around the state are working hard on the Arizona Centennial Quilt Project. Plans are underway to update our state’s quilt documentation project, stage a centennial quilt challenge that will tour our state’s many quilt shows, and construct a large quilt depicting our state’s history. Many of the quilters involved are well-known, both locally and through the pages of American Quilter magazine, but there will be something for everyone.

Organizers are working to have quilters from every part of our large state included. The project is being organized under the umbrella of the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame. If you’re interested in watching our progress, visit often.
(Submitted by Barbara Polston, AQ Contributing Editor from Phoenix, AZ)

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